Watch Me 1995

Watch Me 1995

Directed by: Lipo Ching

Actors: Jennifer Burton, Robert Medford, Kehli O’Byrne

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Lente Indiscreta,Tensão Sexual,Dreieck der Sinne,Mehr als heiße Blicke,Guardami

Description: To break with the past and start over, she (Jennifer Burton – One Final Fling) moved into a new apartment in the house, which owns a successful photographer Floor. By chance, she becomes a witness of love comfort eccentric girlfriend Sex Samantha and her passionate lover Alex.

Floor makes erotic pictures of Eliza, and it seems they both start to feel attraction to each other. Samantha and Alex have also shown a strong interest to a new roommate. What hides Eliza?

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