Look 2007

Look 2007

Directed by: Adam Rifkin

Actors: Jamie McShane, Sebastin Feldman, Spencer Redford

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Kukkolók – A film


The Post-9/11 world has permanently altered our notion of confidentiality. You will find now about 30 million surveillance cameras producing more than 4 billion hours of video clips every week in the United States. And the figures are just increasing. The average American is captured over 200 times every day – in department shops, gas stations, modifying spaces, and even general public bathrooms. No one is spared from the unblinking, relentless eye of digital cameras concealed in each nook and cranny of day-to-day lifetime.

Shot totally from the point of thought of the safety cameras. Adam Rifkin’s (director of Nutt House and Chillerama) “Look” follows several interweaving, storylines over the course of a random week in a haphazard city.

A large school English teacher tries his best to be a decent spouse; a division store flooring supervisor uses the warehouse for more than just storage; a Mini-Mart clerk has huge dreams; a lawyer struggles with a sexual dilemma; and two sociopaths thrive on ruining the lifestyles of random visitors. “Look” informs five private tales which unfold before the spying eye of the covert camera to cooling effect.

We all choose to conceal concepts our lives from those around united states, whether it’s as benign as selecting our noses in an clear elevator or something much darker. “Look” poses the crucial concern: Are we always alone when we think we are

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