Bacchanale 1970

Bacchanale 1970

Directed by: John Amero, Lem Amero

Actors: Uta Erickson, Darcy Brown, Chuck Federico

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Idiaiteres epithymies, Bacchanale – die totale Erotik

Description:Filmed in 1970 infamous Brothers Amero, Bacchanale – final terrible film of its time. Follow our magnificent leading lady in a reprobate invented world, crapped subversive desire, scandalous, Forbearance, and an unfailing lecherous thirst. Bacchanale broke all the rulse traditional creation of the film, establishing a Fund from which the porn industry will grow in the coming years. His artistic vision combined with unforgettable sexual scenes, makes Bacchanale, the need sees each admirer not only classic porn movie making in General.

BACCHANALE (1970) shows a number of events dreams, who ran suffering from the consciousness of his guilt mind of a young beauty during sleep at night. This is a rather strange and sometimes a real trip, which mixes the suspension and horror with graphic sexual situations. Amero shot most of the film in writing, but through the many colored gels; it is mixed in some full-color length in feet almost as random special effect. VCX re-released BACCHANALE in widescreen edition as part of their Classics series Cal Vista, which debuted in 2008.

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