House of De Sade 1977

House of De Sade 1977

Directed by: Joe Davian

Actors: Vanessa del Rio, David Williams, Peter Andrews

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Sex Seance

Description: Here’s House of de Sade, which appeared In Frank Henenlotter’s Sexy Shockers from the Underground series as Sex Séance.

This is first and foremost a porno, but it’s an odd one with some supernatural goings on. The movie starts with Vanessa del Rio ringing some friends who are having an orgy and inviting them to a séance. After a tiring few minutes on the phone, Vanessa and her special friend also get down to business, which includes him inserting a cucumber in her, peeling it, and feeding bits to her. Sexy! After that everyone makes their way to the creepy house and this is where things get more interesting. There’s a hunchback, or a guy who raises his shoulder a bit, leading people around; ethereal ejaculation; more sex; the alternate title’s titular séance and then a possession. The Sexy Shockers release ended here, but this version has more footage and reveals the massive surprise as to what’s going on. I nearly fell off my chair, it was so unexpected.

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