Dawna of the Dead 2008

Dawna of the Dead 2008

Directed by: Laume Conroy

Actors: Zoe Matthews, Aiden Starr and Gwen Fox

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Animated Corpses: Guiltless Sex Machines 2, Darkest Before Dawn, Dawn the Dead

Description: Since in the title appears the word Dawn the play name of the main actress will be Dawna. So, the two girls, Dawna and her friend Anna, decided in the evening to visit the cemetery and visit the grave of the departed prematurely boyfriend. During the gatherings girls got a spiritual board and talked a bit with the spirits, and then Annie went home but Dawna decided to sit a little more time alone together with the dead one. Girl began to remember her boyfriend, tumbling as they had sex in bed – and of course began the process of “eyes do not see, but the hands are doing.” In the end she experienced a stormy orgasm, but if she only knew where it leads … A few drops of her secretions fell to the ground, it’s some incredibly aroused the deads all around and there’s uprised all living in the cemetery. However, these zombies didn’t want to eat fresh flesh, they just wanted to fuck with the living people.
Pretty good shot porn zombie movie, Romero Snyder wipe their tears with a doormat.

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