Naked Afternoon 1976

Naked Afternoon 1976

Directed by: Alan Colberg

Actors: Abigail Clayton, John Leslie, Annette Haven

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Closed Set, Tomasina Kelly, Adistakti ston erota, Nymphoman und hemmungslos

Description: She is nineteen , her name is Thomasina , and you ‘ve never met a girl . She is free , completely free and incredibly , it is in years , seductive. Starting as a masseuse on the prestigious resort in Beverly Hills , she meets a wealthy producer who promises her incredible career in porn . This is only the beginning of the film , but then it starts causing a dizzying ascent to the top of the world and show the audience what a rare , behind the scenes , ostentation of what is really happening in the legendary Hollywood studios .
“Naked Afternoon” (” Naked Noon” ) , where they play a major role exquisite Abigail Clayton and the elegant Annette Haven , is a film that will delight even the most demanding porn fan . You should definitely see this delightful film.

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