Bloomington 2010

Bloomington 2010

Directed by: Fernanda Cardoso

Actors: Allison McAtee, Sarah Stouffer and Katherine Ann McGregor

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Bloomington

Description: Bloomington – drama, tells the story of a young girl, aspiring actress, who in search of independence goes to college. In college, she falls in love in her teacher and to her surprise between them flashes real feelings for each other.

Review: The film tells the story of Jacquelyn – a young aspiring actress. Jacquelyn appeared on the series, but when the shooting ended, she decided to change the situation. Move from one end of the country to the other and go to college. In college, she falls in love with his teacher Katherine They start relationships.

“Bloomington” is a modern drama on the theme of love scruples, desire and passion between a girl and a woman. Painting, impregnated with subtle irony and sentimentality. As it should be for such a topic – a romantic movie. If we draw a parallel with the other thematic ribbons, first of all, come up to the film association «Loving Annabelle» which translates as “Loving Annabelle”. Similarities, there are very noticeable. So if you liked the movie «Loving Annabelle» not skip past his eyes and “Bloomington.” This high-quality tape is not much worse.

Of course, “Bloomington” is not a masterpiece in its category in the good to such works as: – “When the night”, “Lost and crazy,” “Water Lilies.” Does not hold. But not in terms of the acting and the plot thing, but rather because of the director’s expertise. Those films are beautiful in terms of visual style in them visible directorial style. But actually, who cares? Movies on this topic does not come so often and so little can popyhtet. But that’s obvious reasons for this tape can find fault and I can not see if they were, I mean they still would not write. For I will say for myself, I’m liking notice the positive aspects of something and not negative.

In this film, no one is seduced and killed. There is no erotic or the more vulgar scenes. Fans of nudity can silently smoking in aside. This is a good movie and absolutely harmless.

It should be noted that it is generally Staffer Sarah debut role in the film, it’s her first film. And, in my opinion, Sarah played the role of Jackie just fine. Taking into account the fact that this is her debut. This directorial approach always brings added interest. I will say for myself personally interesting to watch for the debut role of the actor. No matter the artistic genre.

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