Portrait in Red 1995

Portrait in Red 1995

Directed by: T.L. Lankford

Actors: Lisa Comshaw, Clayton Norcross, Lawrence Tierney and Cynthia Rothrock

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Fatal Passion, Dark Red, Deep Red, Estranha Inspiração

Description: Lisa Comshaw stars as Rebecca Barlow, an artist with an unusual method of production: after seducing a series of annoying blokes and leading them back to her studio, Rebecca indulges in some post-coital slicing and dicing before using their blood in her inexplicably popular artwork.

After churning out her paintings for a while Rebecca finds herself falling in love with her latest would-be victim, Adam (Clayton Norcross). At this point the middle section of the film threatens to drag as she finds herself distracted from her work, leading to a drop in the bloodshed quotient. Worse still, she suddenly comes over all demure and decides she doesn’t want to leap straight into bed with him. Fortunately, she quickly realises what the audience already knows, that he is a total douchebag, leading to a welcome refocusing on her ‘art’ as she sets out to make up for lost time…

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