Ultraviolet 1992

Ultraviolet 1992

Directed by: Mark Griffiths

Actors: Esai Morales, Patricia Healy and Stephen Meadows

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Ultraviolet – Im Tal des Todes

Description: A deranged artist kidnips a woman in the desert, mentaly beats her down, and then eventually rapes her. Soon to be ex-husband, Ranger Sam, comes to the rescue.

Review: This is a fine story of a couple who give their relationship one last shot, who become entangled in a kidnapping. Kristen(the sexy Patricia Healy) visits her ex at his Death Valley outpost smack-dab in the middle of nowhere, and quickly becomes the hostage of a sun-baked psycho(chillingly portrayed by Esai Morales). Her ex(Stephen Meadows) must track them down before something awful happens to Kristen. Travelling the desert in search of a utopia, Esai desires to live out his days alone with the sexy Patricia Healy. Patricia is uncooperative at first, but tries to play the old jedi mind game on Esai, hoping that Meadows will soon come to her rescue. Female audiences will enjoy Patricia’s never give up mentality and her inborn fighting spirit. While male audiences will find her nude posing for our amateur psycho artist appealing. Very effective thriller, as the scene where Stephen Meadows gets bitten by that rattlesnake, always makes me jump.

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