Breakfast in Bed 1990

Breakfast in Bed 1990

Directed by: Ernest G. Sauer

Actors: Marilyn Chambers, Michael Rose, Courtenay James

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Private Screenings Presents Marilyn Chambers in Breakfast in Bed


The film Breakfast in Bed holds an unique spot in my heart because, when i taped it off of cinemax late evening in 1991 and watched it at the tender age of twelve, it had been my first soft-core porn. i thought i had been being completely naughty at the time although now, much older and wiser, i recognize how tame and silly this movie is. nonetheless, is shall never forget, uh, ur…actually i sort of have forget information technology. well, i do keep in mind that marilyn chambers plays herself(as usual) and she inherits or somehow acquires bed and breakfast resort where, of course, the individuals spend pretty much all their time in bed. there’s some lame subplot about an undercover agent which just memorable because of the actress playing the representative takes her top off numerous time. okay, i recognize its no huge deal now but when you’re a hetero-curious twelve 12 months old, seeing fake, perfect breasts for the first time is a big deal. there’s additionally this george, seinfeld constanza look-alike who has the hots for the agent. anyway, it all ends up in bed with marilyn fu…ur, excuse me…making love with some guy while showing off her quiet strong body and fake, big boobs.

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