Take Off 1978

Take Off 1978

Directed by: Armand Weston

Actors: Wade Nichols, Georgina Spelvin, George Spencer

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: A Nudez de Hollywood, Uteliaat sormet, Take off – e ora spogliati

Description: TAKE OFF is the one movie that is on a par with the best perform of Radley Metzger [aka Henry Paris]. Filmmaker Armand Weston, accountable for EXPOSE ME, BEAUTIFUL, among others, has created a dazzling movie, therefore committed in concept and scope that it is almost too great for the category. It is one of the most enjoyable adult movies ever made, and demonstrates that care and concern can produce a popular movement image.

The TAKE OFF in the name is for THE IMAGE OF DORIAN GRAY, Oscar Wilde’s story provided some structural adjustment, and for the various take offs of movement photos, film stars, and social climates through the decades. The late Wade Nichols plays Darrin Blue, the main personality who has not aged since the twenties. At a posh pool party at his place, Leslie Bovee sneaks down with tool Eric Edwards for an upstairs romp in the mansion. Later, when she fulfills Darrin, he explains the odd circumstances involved in his failing to age, and he provides her with filmed glimpses of his past.

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