Group Marriage 1973

Group Marriage 1973

Directed by: Stephanie Rothman

Actors: Victoria Vetri, Aimée Eccles, Solomon Sturges

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Toplu Sevisme, Matrimonio di gruppo

Description: It seems like a match made in Exploitation Heaven: Roger Corman’s only female protege Stephanie Rothman (TERMINAL ISLAND, THE STUDENT NURSES, THE WORKING GIRLS) directing drive-in queen Claudia Jennings (GATOR BAIT, THE GREAT TEXAS DYNAMITE CHASE, TRUCK STOP WOMEN, etc, etc) in a film about group…er…‘marriage’…

Gorgeous Aimee Eccles (maybe best known as ‘Sunshine’ in LITTLE BIG MAN) plays Chris, the Asian girlfriend of a guy who makes a living creating bumper stickers with such witty homilies as ‘Santa Claus is a Faggot’. As ‘oversexed’ as her boyfriend claims she is, she’s frustrated enough to increase the number in bed by one when she meets a hitchhiker. But that’s only the beginning, and the situation soon begins to get beyond their control as others become alert of what’s going on (despite the group’s declarations that their partner-sharing is not an orgy).

Surprisingly, GROUP MARRIAGE’s exploitation element is pushed aside in favour of satirical comedy (unfortunately left in the hands of a cast lacking one nanosecond of comic timing) and a strange sense of decency – you can thank Rothman’s female perspective for finding some sweetness in the whole enterprise. Thank also the studio for making sure there was a helping of T&A and at least one car explosion thrown in too (however, Rothman found her own way of redressing the balance by sneaking in a a glimpse of frontal male nudity).

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