Sweet Poison 1991

Sweet Poison 1991

Directed by: Brian Grant

Actors: Steven Bauer, Thomas Bosack, Eric Bruskotter

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Dolce veleno, Tappava intohimo, Gefährlicher Engel

Description: In the case of SWEET POISON, a 1991 made-for-cable TV thriller starring Steven Bauer, Patricia Healy, and Edward Herrmann, it’s both: a forgotten late-night television flick for mature audiences that features nudity and – here’s the shocking part – doesn’t suck as bad as most other fodder from the same mold. Story-wise, it’s all pretty familiar: Bauer is an escaped convict (who’s luck is attributable to some accidentally spilled coffee as opposed to an ingenious escape plan) who, along with pal John Hawkes, take dorky Ed Herrmann and his trophy wife Patty Healy hostage out in a rural hellhole while a lawman with a passion for violence hunts everybody down. But things take a turn for the worse once slutty, money-grabbing whore Healy decides she likes bad boys better, leading to a little cuckold action that you pervs should enjoy. Another plus here, of course, are the nude attributes of our lovely young female co-star

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