Death Run 1987

Death Run 1987

Directed by: Michael J. Murphy

Actors: Rob Bartlett, Wendy Parsons and Debbi Stevens

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: I Padroni della Terra


Two young enthusiasts are placed in suspended animation by the boy’s mom following a nuclear war. They awaken 25 years later on to discover the country is ruled over by the Messiah (a 3 fingered gloved mutant). The mutants are split into those with horribly deformed and blistered skins and people who look rather regular but are diseased. Our heroes are quickly captured by the gangs that roam the areaR3;0;the woman is raped and tortured by the the boy and Messiah is sentenced to face the Death Run..(handcuffed to an electric line and forced to operate a gauntlet of lethal assailants). Assisted by a long legged hooker (wearing suspenders and stockings many of the time) and an unnamed warrior, they escape the Messiah’s clutches only to face also worse. There’s some great moments, good mutant makeup, some gory scenes, lots of blood and lots of action.

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