Cougars, Inc. 2011

Cougars, Inc. 2011

Directed by: K. Asher Levin

Actors: Sarah Hyland, Denise Richards, James Belushi, Kathryn Morris

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Loverboys – Mother’s Little Helper’s, Mother’s Little Helpers, Randiügynökség

Description: In the centre of “Cougars, Inc.”, the story of a typical teenage bully Sam, who because of his behavior was kicked out of many schools in the country. Once he got to the school, whose director decided to give it another chance. But you have to pay for tuition, and Sam’s mother said he could no longer pay the fees. Where to get the money to the poor teenager? In ferklempted Sam accidentally walked into a bar, where he met Alison. After spending an unforgettable night with her, and waking up in the morning in a hotel room, Sam found a check for $ 500. Speaking about their midnight adventure to friends, Sam and his company have decided how to pay for education and thus earn more money for themselves. So, my friends start their own escort service. But none of them had no idea what the consequences will this lead to …

One of the brightest actors of this film is James Belushi, who as always was on top. And did well with the role of the principal. I should note that in this film also starred James Belushi and son – Robert Belushi. This is the third appearance of father and son in a film together before this can be seen in the series “According to Jim” and “Chips. Money. Lawyers. ”

In the title role in the film starred Kyle Gallner. Nothing much I can say about this actor, and specifically about his role. Teenager bad plays the role of a teenager, this is not surprising.

Viewing this film “Cougars, Inc.” has brought me to what I would have expected more, and specifically of humor. I am inclined to think that this film relates more to the drama than a comedy.

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