Aliens vs Avatars 2011

Aliens vs Avatars 2011

Directed by: Lewis Schoenbrun

Actors: Jason Lockhart, Kim Argetsinger, Cassie Fliegel

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Alien vs. Alien, AvA

Description: Rubber aliens duke it out with blue skinned avatars for the future of the world… by picking off some Jersey Shore reject campers in the middle of nowhere.

Escaped galactic gene product developments planted in American forests, where he began to hunt for tourists. Following the orbit of the Earth comes alien-defender Ava, which sends to fight the aggressor his artificial body, to conspiracy disguised as a human. In the center of the confrontation between two alien is resting in the forest youth company.

Review: The film ” Aliens vs. Avatars ” understand not everyone in the audience , which is not surprising , as many are accustomed to only a glossy cover , entitled ” Special Effect ” used to assess the quality of the film just by raskruchennosti its advertising!

In this case, however, the director did not set out to collect as much cash in a big box (which , let us not dissemble, dreams most of the directors of our day ) , do not set out to do something beyond beautiful that reminds near forgery in which authenticity and does not believe child!

The director chose a different direction – to make quality atmospheric movie, play the story so that it seemed almost documentary retelling stories ! Simply put, the emphasis is on realism with a slight bias in science fiction.

Labored over a plot already four writer ! So it’s no surprise that it turned out so meaningful and varied ! It will affect the thoughtful viewer tired to watch endless monotonous war occurring between causes no emotion aliens on distant planets . In the movie ” Aliens vs. Avatars ” plot is so close to life that makes one believe – it can happen to anyone. Go on a picnic, to swear , to get lost – it’s all so familiar and ordinary things that their background is fantastic component – seems more plausible.

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