Indecent Behavior 1993

Indecent Behavior 1993

Directed by: Lawrence Lanoff

Actors: Shannon Tweed, Gary Hudson, Michelle Moffett

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Armadilha Fatal, Tödliche Therapie, Attirance extrême, Conducta indecente

Description of Indecent Behavior movie: Barbara Welch, sex therapist, sits behind a glass partition and watching copulating couples. Thus it examines the problems of their clients. At one of these sessions dies rich client. His death was furnished like a car crash. Investigation begins, and it soon becomes clear that the death was an hour before this “unfortunate” accident. Police determines that last saw him just this is still quite beautiful, though it has a middle-aged blonde. Detective Gary Hudson gets her a visit.

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