Dressed to Kill

Dressed to Kill

Directed by: Brian De Palma

Actors: Michael Caine, Angie Dickinson, Nancy Allen

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:Vestida para matar, Pulsions, Vestida Para Matar, Gyilkossághoz öltözve, I nattens mörker, Klædt på til mord, Klædt på til mord, Kledd for mord, Mördande bekännelse, Obučena da ubije, Proetoimasia gia eglima, Strój zabójcy, Tappava tunnustus, Vestito per uccidere, W przebraniu mordercy

Description:Yeah, I impressed not expect that to me this film so enjoy. Excellent plot and so famously made that it is impossible to come off. This is definitely one of the best films De Palma. It is a pity that he is not known to a wider audience. «Dressed to Kill» deserves attention.

Here hitchcockian motives in the works of De Palma (director of House on Sorority Row) reaches its apotheosis.

Acting, of course, not outstanding, but no matter. Luxurious Angie Dickinson well coped with a role of sexually concerned невростенички Kate suffering from idleness. Nancy Allen, where the same without her, plays a prostitute, which is becoming a witness to the murder of Kate, and then the Prime suspect. And of course De Palma couldn’t cheat again on the foreground there is a mad doctor, making experiments on human beings. Something similar can be seen in «the Resurrection of Cain». In General, the intrigue – that’s it!

From watching this movie I really enjoyed. And for those who like thrillers with sexual overtones like twice.

Perhaps one of the best movies I’ve watched recently. Here I liked absolutely everything. Brian de Palma (he also filmed I, Madman movie) – you’re done! Very well-learned hitchcockian techniques and beat them properly. «Dressed to Kill» – this is one of those films that may or may not like, but leave indifferent cannot, I think.

In the beginning of the movie woman Kate (Dickinson) is sent on reception to the psychologist Michael Caine) and then goes to the Museum and become acquainted with a strange young man. Sleeping with him in his apartment, Kate learns that her lover sick with a venereal disease, and after runs away… De Palma risks turning interested started psychological film into a banal story about the woman of middle age, but no… Brian selects quite another way… Oh, and намудрил you Brian…

In General, history of sexually unsatisfied ladies blends in a tense Thriller, full of madness and suspense. Nancy Allen will play the prostitute killer (the film’s title and subject of the murder) will appear in the frame more than once, the voltage will be more on each square meter of the film. I was actually pretty damn interesting to watch the whole thing, and in some places, I felt a real catharsis. In many respects it is a merit of actors, excellent those, who unleashed the nature of their characters. In addition, Dickinson and Allen, playing the main female roles, it should be noted whale Gordon, Dennis Franz, and some other outstanding performers. Camera work here at the height – well framed scene in the Museum, when Kate looking for a man with a glove and some others. In particular episode with a lift – it made me very unpleasant sent a chill…

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