Taboo 1980

Taboo 1980

Directed by: Kirdy Stevens

Actors: Kay Parker, Dorothy LeMay and Mike Ranger

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Aimomixia

Description: ” Taboo “, without any doubt – a milestone in world cinema for adults. Elegant and at the same time, to the best of “dirty” , refined and rakish , with a very thin film tells a thoughtful and sinful and irresistible attraction . The main character is Barbara Scott – a beautiful mature woman . The picture is dedicated to her feelings , and the search for the suffering of a sexual nature .

The narrative begins when Barbara (Kay Parker – Private Teacher) leaves her husband after another sexual failure . The heroine tries to somehow survive this gap, which however , has long been brewing . With her is her son, Paul . It is sexually mature and are eager to conquer new sexual horizons. Barbara comes to everything else and look for a new job , which she finds on the advice of her friend Gina , becoming a secretary in the office of their mutual friend .

Son while having fun with their girlfriends , but once accidentally sees his mother in all its glory … He was beginning to overwhelm not filial feelings, though inexperienced and ” deflating ” girlfriends, his contemporaries are no longer satisfied .

And Barbara have to fend off harassment boss at work. But because the body craves , she reluctantly accepts his invitation to come to the swing party. This episode in the film is a turning point. There, she rejects all harassment, but peeping in the ” common room ” and seeing how men and women copulating in various poses , with a wild passion , changing partners , it experiences a tremendous shock. Barbara understands that there are no boundaries in sex there . It overcomes the insane tension in her heart boils struggle between the desire for pleasure and prohibitions. In this case, all the experiences she confides Jean , for which there are no barriers in sex. And what advice would give an experienced friend of Barbara ? The latter will have to make a painful choice …

In a good picture to show the character of the protagonists. Barbara Scott – a sort of ” good girl ” , an exemplary wife and mother , who firmly believing in the permanence of family ties . Her friend Gina – a kind of antithesis Barbara , living pleasures . Gina enjoys and the ” boys ” and ” girls.” As for Barbara , it is a kind of spiritual guide . She helps her find a job , she’s pushing – by example whether , if the words – to the opening of new sexual horizons. Gina realizes that Barbara keeps a whole ocean of sensuality , which is hidden behind the ” locks ” imposed social roles.

It should be said about the artistic merits of the film itself . The plot is well thought out and makes the voltage monitor the mental and ” bodily ” ups and downs in the life of the main characters. Separately, it must be said about the importance of the actress Kay Parker , who played Barbara. Her beautiful body , beautiful natural breasts and riveting the attention of the viewer and do not let go until the end . But that’s not all – the central role played by Kay dramatic flair . It is manifested most clearly in the climactic scene where the main character , suffering , trying to make a choice: doubts , tossing, and retreats solved … It is impossible not to empathize with her ​​and not ” to be got .” Her eyes , lips , intonation , facial expressions , movements , gestures and grace are fascinating …

In the sex scenes , which are well thought out, the actors do not just move, and represent the whole gamut of feelings, ” savoring ” partner’s body , giving yourself pleasure , partner, and the viewer. Movement slowed , prochuvstvovanny , creating scenes of incredible depth and richness . All this is complemented by properly selected music – from gentle and passionate compositions , to stress- exciting.

” Taboo ” was so significant because reflected in its genre , the unique character of the late 70 – ies of the last century. The middle class in the West partook of the fruit of the sexual revolution , and deadly diseases related to sex did not exist. Reigned time of full sexual freedom. The movie shows and typical of the modern era dysfunctional family in which the usual relationship has lost its meaning. Accordingly, displayed and modified moral standards, eroding the institution of marriage and the family , changing social roles within the family and the disintegration of the traditional ” lines ” of the relationship – ” the husband – wife ” and “mother – son “. Free search of sexual happiness in this era is becoming the norm and criterion of success , and the millennial social and sexual taboos , such as the prohibition of incest , and the rest were crumbling under the pressure of uncontrollable desire and conquest of new sexual peaks. In this sense , ” Taboo ” – a kind of monument to the era of changing mores of the masses , and , consequently, the whole culture .

In general, the film gives a great aesthetic pleasure , as for me the absolute benchmark in the genre of H.

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