The Princess and the Call Girl 1984

The Princess and the Call Girl 1984

Directed by: Radley Metzger

Actors: Carol Levy, Shannah Hall, Victor Bevine

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:


Radley Metzger, one of the most distinctive and original directors in ’60s sexploitation, helmed this softcore adult comedy, his final film to day. Audrey (Carol Levy) is an affluent socialite about to be married, who comes to brand new York City to check out her best friend from school, Lucy, who seems practically precisely like her (and is additionally played by Carol Levy). Lucy confesses to Audrey that she’s assured to captivate guests in two locations simultaneously over the then few days and asks if she will be therefore kind as to just take the woman destination on a weekend getaway to Monaco. Audrey agrees, but she soon learns that Lucy is actually a high-priced the “entertaining and prostitute” she’ll have to do is a little bit more involved than providing wine and cheese. Whenever Audrey isn’t in a position to get back to New York in time, Lucy has to turn the tables and pose as her friend at her engagement party.

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