Dr. Bizarro 1983

Dr. Bizarro 1983

Directed by: Phil Prince

Actors: Velvet Summers, Cheri Champagne, George Payne, Ambrosia Fox, Ken Yontz

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:

Description: This is an exXxcellent roughie anthology directed by the master of New York filth and grime Phil Prince. In this classic Avon Dynasty fuck-flick Prince plays the obnoxious pervert doctor Bizarro of the title who consults three patients that tell him a kinky tale. The first patient is the wonderfully demented George Payne who has recently caught his teenage daughter (the stunning Velvet Summers) in bed with one of her friends. Crazy George punishes them by forcing his daughter to give him a blow job before fucking her girlfriend. This segment contains some of the nastiest and most deranged porno dialogue ever as Payne unleashes a torrent of vile verbal abuse throughout the scenario. Payne’s coked out performance here is legendary and so intense it will scar your sordid mind. One of the hottest scenes ever lensed by the Avon Dynasty. The second tale is told by the slutty Cheri Champagne; Cheri ties up her husband and tortures his groin with clothes pegs in a rough BDSM scenario. A pervert watches from a nearby window and breaks in to give Cheri a taste of her own medicine – fucking her hard and cruel in front of her bound husband. The final segment is an average submission tale in which a man is dominated in his appartment. Structurally the film is rather odd. Whereas most anthology flicks save their best tale for last, this one does the reverse and the tales gradually get weaker. Nonetheless, this is classic roughie material and is a must see for anyone interested in this sub-genre and particularly for Phil Prince fans. Raw, unapologetic and thoroughly depraved. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore!

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