Nude On The Moon 1961

Nude On The Moon 1961

Directed by: Raymond Phelan, Doris Wishman

Actors: Marietta, William Mayer and Lester Brown

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Girls on the Moon, Moon Dolls

Description: Dr. Huntley and Professor Nichols rush to finish their work on construction of the rocket due to unexpectedly fallen on them inheritance. With the easy money they are able to arrange a flight to the moon. There they discover not an abandoned desert, but a real piece of paradise as the moon is inhabited by beautiful girls who have telepathic abilities.

Scientists got captured by them and brought to the High Council. Ruler of the Moon graciously allowed Dr. Huntley and Professor Nichols to demonstrate the results of their experiments. Dr. Huntley soon falls in love with the ruler of the planet. Professor Nichols begins to worry: as if the doctor wants to Huntley to return to Earth?

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