The Retrievers 1982

The Retrievers 1982

Directed by: Elliott Hong

Actors: Max Thayer, Shawn Hoskins, Lenard Miller

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Chacales mercenarios, Noutajat, Les chiens de chasse, Ta kynigoskyla tis CIA, Gli esecutori, Sledniki, Hot and Deadly, The Retrievers – Zum Töten Abgerichtet, Zum Töten Abgerichtet – The Retrievers

Description of Retrievers movie:”The business” is an elite team of top-secret mercenaries whom go around the world dispensing demise in a ruthless manner. When nice man Tom Cattrall (Thayer), whom is an unassuming television repairman and resembles writer Stephen King, gets ensnared in this dark organization because they want his wiretapping abilities, he quickly gets on their bad part. A previous user of The Company, Danny Burke, wrote a tell-all book about their dirty dealings and today The Company is after him big time, and Tom and Danny’s sister Jan (Hoskins) have actually dropped in love. As if that wasn’t sufficient, Jan and Tom enlist a book publisher and a cadre of hobos they hired to lease out an abandoned warehouse and SELF-PUBLISH Danny’s book. Can they complete the guide and get information technology out to shops in time? Or will they all fall prey to The Company’s nefarious tactics?

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