Dollar Girl 2008

Dollar Girl 2008

Directed by: Jack Heape

Actors: Regan Deal, Todd Cannon, Chris Norris, Corina Oliveria

Language: English

Country: USA

Description: Carla is a bright young girl on her way to graduating college. Only one problem…she owes the school close to five grand. Lucky for Carla, she’s got a good friend with a great idea on how to get some quick cash. Stripping! Of course, she’s a natural, and is hired on the spot. Going by the stage name Dollar, she dances her way back into college,and into a raping. Her boss decides to take care of it. He finds the guy and ties him up in the basement for her, where she proceeds to beat him to death with a baseball bat. Obviously, the next step for her is hired hitman. At some point along the way, she meets a nice girl and settles down with her. In one fell swoop, Carla goes from diligent college student, to popular stripper, to lesbian contract killer. What a gal.

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