Blue Desert 1991

Blue Desert 1991

Directed by: Bradley Battersby

Actors: D.B. Sweeney, Courteney Cox, Craig Sheffer

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Silent Victim, Blue Heat, Perverse Cop

Description of Blue Desert movie:Fresh faced Courteney Cox plays a comic book artist from The Big Apple that seems to be catnip for rapists. After she’s dragged down a back alley and sexually assaulted for the 2nd time in 6 months she understandably decides to get the fuck out of NY and go live in her family’s cabin in a remote desert town. Unfortunately as soon as she’s settled in to her new home she’s attracted the attention of long haired local loony Craig Sheffer and before you know it someone’s ejaculated all up in her panty drawer. Calling in local sheriff D.B. Sweeney for help she bonds with him over her spunky undergarments and he gets all protective of her. Someone’s definitely out for her ass though, could it be Sheffer? Or perhaps creepy old mechanic Philip Baker Hall? Or maybe the old codger living on the property nextdoor? Or has one of her NY attackers followed her out to the desert? If you want to see if Courteney scores a rapey hat trick you’ll just have to download this shit won’t ya!

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