Sexual Response 1992

Sexual Response 1992

Directed by: Yaky Yosha

Actors: Shannon Tweed, Illana Diamant, Catherine Oxenberg

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:Secrets intimes, Night Line, Telefono caldo, Take My Body, Segredos Fatais

Description: So… yeah. That’s pretty much it. If you’re looking for a film that’s about something other than Shannon Tweed’s tits, you’re looking at the wrong fuckin’ film, my friend. But, if you insist, here’s more: Shannon Tweed plays a radio call-in sex therapist whose husband is kind of a drip. He’s some manner of archaeologist from Australia, and he doesn’t give Our Shannon all the love she needs. Enter Edge (that’s really his name), a mysterious artist/biker type with a secret and a temper. Tweed finds herself irresistibly attracted to Edge; thus, lots of illicit infidelity fuckin’ ensues. There’s titty and moody lighting and titty and a hilariously histrionic climax and titty and bad acting and titty and a sax-heavy score and titty. Also, there is occasionally titty.

SEXUAL RESPONSE is very much in the vein of every other ’90s noir-inflected erotic thriller that got plastered across Cinemax back in the day, so I don’t really think this needs much in the way of pimping. If this is your bag, you already know. You knew the minute you saw “Shannon Tweed.” If this isn’t…. what the fuck are you doing reading this, anyway? Get the fuck out of here and go download something boring and arty. The rest of us will feast upon this bounty of angsty heaving eroticism. (The sex scenes, incidentally, are quite solid for this genre. Tweed knew how to sell this softcore shit.)

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