Score 1974

Score 1974

Duration: 1:31:39

Directed by: Radley Metzger

Actors: Claire Wilbur, Calvin Culver, Lynn Lowry

Language: English

Country: USA, Yugoslavia

Also known as:

Description: Radley Metzger’s (The Image and Angela The Fireworks Woman) classic cult movie in High Definition. Of all Metzger’s movies, “Score” is my personal favorite and, based upon a brief phone conversation I had with Radley Metzger many years ago, it appeared that “Score” was the movie he seemed most proud of. It’s really an extraordinary movie in many ways. Originally a play, it’s an excellent reflection of the period when sexual freedom had begun to be more “acceptable” in society. Moreover, the film brillinatly blends its partly eccumenical theme into a fairy tale-like story.

The movie was often shown and released on video tape and DVD with most of the fairly graphic sexual sequences removed. This is the original, uncut version.

A married couple (man and woman) older “lay eyes” on a young couple wanting to seduce them. Invite them to visit their home, first individually and then both, and together they spend a fabulous evening. The film is saturated with terrific corrupting dialogue. In the end, the group begins an orgy. They are joined by the master phone.

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