Romancing Sara 1995

Romancing Sara 1995

Directed by: Rolfe Kanefsky

Actors: Holly Sampson, Shauna O’Brien, Lyle Skosey, Will Burke

Country: USA

Also known as: Pie 2000

Description: To Emmanuelle ask for help: a secret invention, which it possesses, and which is capable of transmitting at a distance of sexual feelings, you need to get in contact with are behind bars psychic Harlan Onittsem and receive from him the necessary information.

Harlan fun fact that through the wall reads thoughts prison wardens, but still, he agrees to put on the magic pendant that he has brought a visitor. And in the next room Emmanuel begins to see what tells Onittsem…

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  1. is there a way to know which movies have sub, i mean it be nice if there were a section of movies with subs i’m most interested in the asian ones and well i’ve found some by luck but i’m sure i’m missing a lot

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