I Like to Play Games 1995

I Like to Play Games 1995

Directed by: Moctezuma Lobato

Actors: Lisa Boyle and Jennifer Burton

Country: USA

Also known as: Esileikit, O Jogo do Sexo, Opfer der Lust, Suzanne, Una chica muy traviesa

Description: This classic piece of erotica stars the amazing Lisa Boyle (Caged Heat 3000 and Midnight Tease) and the late Ken Steadman, and really is rather excellent. Most of these American late night tv erotic thrillers are appauling. This one actually involves a little of the darkness and drama of an early European one. I’m sure I’ve just insulted a very large portion of my target audience with that, but seriously, if you guys don’t already, you need to know how great this film is.

Michael is looking for a woman who likes to play games of sex and passion. He needs a bold woman who wants as much as he does to participate in his hot “past-times”. But when Suzanne arrives in his life, Michael realizes that maybe she is all he had expected and more. Dare to share with Suzanne and play all her games.

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