Savage Justice 1988

Savage Justice 1988

Directed by: Joey Romero

Actors: Julia Montgomery, Steven Memel, Ruel Vernal and Ester Chavez

Country: USA

Also known as: I epistrofi tou pezonafti, L’étouffante loi de la jungle

Description: Julia Montgomery stars as Sara, a young American woman who witnesses the brutal murder of her parents by a gang of rebels, she is the taken away and tortured and raped by them. After a while she manages to ecape with the help of an ex Vietnam vet who poses as her lover and together they comb the hostile jungles in search of the rebels.

This is not a great movie in any way, the dialogue is terrible, and the fight scenes are truly awful, in otherwords its perfect wipfilms material, as it was requested, here it is, but dont expect anything great, it could be classified as a Grade Z movie.

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