Endangered Species 2003

Endangered Species 2003

Directed by: Kevin Tenney

Actors: Eric Roberts, Arnold Vosloo, John Rhys-Davies

Country: USA

Also known as: Alien invasion, Earth Alien, Epikindyno eidos, Veszelyeztett faj

Description: The director of the film , Kevin Tenney , with several works which I am familiar , this film would probably show us his views on fiction. More precisely – fiction thriller . Since the course of the film the audience involuntarily have to watch some of the points that can be easily looked to take this movie for a thriller. Which is only the beginning , which seems to be somehow cheered me, and I decided to watch this movie . Oh, if only I knew what would happen , for anything I would not watch this movie . Anyway watched the beginning and then would – turned . Having watched the movie regretted the time spent , but most of all it was not clear why this film was removed . Looking filmography Kevin Tenney saw that it was not his first film. Until then, I thought it was the first film that he directed , so he was not too successful . The only reason I finished watching “Endangered Species” – to finally understand and make sense of the film , which until then was completely illegible and clouded , as if it did not think about at all.

In the story, at the very beginning of the film the action takes place in the gym where so full of girls. All they are doing, have fun, talk to each other , even without promising no harm . Suddenly the gym includes a man in a black jacket , pulls out a gun and starts to shoot at all . Putting it all in the hall, he goes into the locker room where the killing hidden girls. However, it leaves one girl dead, paralyzes and take a moment her back inserts a device that resembles a bug of its kind . In this interesting , in my opinion , ends and begins skukota . Things begin to investigate Mike Sullivan . This investigation is very boring , even a couple of times I was distracted and did not look at the TV screen and the window. Another interesting point – the pursuit of the man who shot the girls in the gym . In general, the more pointless talk .

“Endangered Species” – a mediocre movie. And even a little lower. I do not know what the creators hoped it , and I’m not sure that they were satisfied with his film . Acting is mediocre , especially none of the actors did not try . Little music , as always , though. Atmosphere I do not feel , maybe it was in the beginning , and alarm when the girls were hiding in the locker room , in the hope that the killer will not find them , I’m worried for them . For the rest, here are all very , very simple . The plot , like, something original and unusual , but it is made and promoted it bad enough . A lot of dialogue , and even the present slow scene. If painting a little shortened , it might be watchable , albeit she was half an hour. Finally I will say that this film I did not really , but only because I looked through it to the end , and there was really a couple of interesting moments , I find it mediocre . Watch or not – think for yourself .

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