Circle Of Iron 1978 The Silent Flute

Circle Of Iron 1978 The Silent Flute

Directed by: Richard Moore

Actors: David Carradine, Jeff Cooper, Christopher Lee, Roddy McDowall and Eli Wallach

Country: USA

Also known as: The Silent Flute, La flauta silenciosa, Le cercle de fer, Messaggi da forze sconosciute

Description: A master of martial arts Cord (David Carradine – Warrior and the Sorceress), which does not acknowledge the traditional schools, learns about the existence of the book of the higher knowledge, which owns powerful Zetan, and goes on a long and dangerous journey to look in the book.

Review: It’s a great movie with a great philosophy, which once again proves that matter how difficult and complex seem to life, the most ingenious is simple. And to find out what is this simplicity, the visitor must pass exciting and full of adventure path with the main characters of the film, not to miss the slightest detail, as they are closely interrelated.

It is worth noting that movie “Circle of Iron” I’ve had a look in my childhood, but with every new revision I still find new ideas, and from the moral of the movie becomes richer. We all agree that every day we learn something new.
Silent Flute is one of the few films that makes the audience something to think about, think about, philosophize. And do not be surprised that after watching this film You change something, You have a different’ll look at the world, well, or think about something that had never thought of. Definitely, this film in no case should pass by, for then you will be sorry it as though missed something really important. Because as said Nosferatu «every day we learn something new», and Silent Flute will be for You as a cautionary lesson.

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