Backfire 1988

Backfire 1988

Directed by: Gilbert Cates

Actors: Karen Allen, Keith Carradine, Jeff Fahey

Country: USA | Canada

Also known as: Tiro pela Culatra (Portugal) | Final Night – Die letzte Nacht (West Germany) | Congiure parallele (Italy)

Description of Backfire: A Vietnam veteran suffers from post traumatic stress. His sensual wife is tired of living with the constant nightmares and drunkness, so she devises a plan to lead him to kill himself. But he is left in a catatonic state and she must keep on nursering him or she will loose all the money. Her former lover leaves her and she ends up taking a total stranger into her bed. And that is when her guilt starts to take the better over her.

Donnie, a Vietnam war veteran, can’t get rid of obsessive nightmares. Post-Vietnam cider gradually gaining new features: it turns out that the «return fire» from the past has explanations in the present, namely unlucky family life Donny and new suspect familiar to his wife…

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