The Love Captive 1969

The Love Captive 1969

Directed by: Larry Crane

Actors: Colette Anderson, Mary Armstrong, Marc Barnett

Country: USA

Description: Like Jane, the naked gals who were dancing with the werewolf are also tenants of the hotel. Gail dresses like a man and stuffs a penis-like object in her panties to give herself a healthy bulge. Sybil (JACKIE RICHARDS, here billed as Jacqueline Ricardo) takes over the museum and promptly ties Gail spread-eagle to a cross, holds a knife to her belly, and forces her to have sex with a man who has the hairiest ass in motion picture history.

Meanwhile, two cops inexplicably hold a speaker to various hotel room walls which broadcasts an audio tape saying, “We know everything about you, girly.” This causes Jane to shout, “Alright, alright, I did it!” as she opens her closet revealing hotel clerk ALEX MANN (the guy who gets his leg hacked off in I Drink Your Blood) naked and shackled in chains.

The narrator, who often sounds as confused about what’s going on as we are, nevertheless sums it up: “That’s right, we know who and what they are: wicked women who satisfy their own perverted desires no matter whom they hurt. Yes, they have a Love Captive here, alright. But they themselves are captives of their own lustful passions.” Oh. Right. Exactly.

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