The Divine Enforcer 1992

The Divine Enforcer 1992

Directed by: Robert Rundle

Actors: Jan-Michael Vincent, Erik Estrada, Jim Brown and Judy Landers

Country: USA

Also known as: Deadly Avenger

Description: What do Erik Estrada, Don Stroud, Judy Landers, Jim Brown, Jan-Michael Vincent, Robert D’Zar, Carrie Chambers, Scott Shaw (Hapkido instructor), and Michael M. Foley (Karate instructor) have in common? THIS MOVIE!!! And it’s one crazy movie! Michael Foley is a vigilante Psychic Catholic priest who happens to be visiting a very crime-ridden neighborhood. His first step off the bus lands him smack in the middle of a rape in progress(!) One against three – he kicks their asses, and that’s as deep a character as he is given folks (aside from his psychic eye ability)! Coincidentally, Erik Estrada and Jan-Michael Vincent seem to be boarding at the same house Mr. Priest decides to board himself. And Judy Landers is the landlady! Hubba-hubba! Except all she does is stand and talk, and look innocently guilty.
Doubtful that his wooden acting could even get him through a local used car sales commercial, Mr. Foley, the ‘Psychic Vigilante Priest’, trudges forward kicking and punching and in one situation breaking out his “Cross-Emblazoned Nine Millimeter Handgun” or “45”, (they’re not that far apart) …

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