Lipstick 1976

Lipstick 1976

Directed by: Lamont Johnson

Actors: Margaux Hemingway, Chris Sarandon, Mariel Hemingway, Anne Bancroft

Country: USA

Also known as: Eine Frau sieht rot, Lápiz de labios, Viol et châtiment, Baton Vermelho

Description: Beauty-fashion model was raped by her fan, and then he told, that she was saying “she wanted this”. Court justifies him, guided by the stereotype that Centerfolds nature – whore. But when the rapist tries to encroach on the underage sister of the main character – she takes up a gun …

Review: Lipstick is an underrated rape/revenge movie. It is grade A in terms of film quality and production values. Much to my delight, some Hollywood dumb ass approved a script for a mainstream movie with a brutal rape from behind. Compounding this they hired a novice actress/fashion model, Margaux Hemingway (Ernest’s granddaughter), to play the protagonist/damsel in distress (without hearing her voice?). Newbee Hemingway (as Chris McCormick) doesn’t pull it off, but she looks the part. She’s hawking lipstick half naked in front of her sister’s shitty music composer teacher (Susan Sarandon’s ex). Later she forgets she’s going to listen to his weird tunes. He shows up at her apartment and catches her in the shower. She accidentally shows him her tits for a second time while changing out from her robe into a moo-moo. When she takes a call from her boyfriend he turns his crappy music up full blast then he beats her up and rapes the shit out her. From behind! While she’s tied up! On camera (not explicit) and she’s screaming in protest! Music boy delivers a very funny line just before he leaves. A box office bomb for big shot producer Dino De Laurentiis. Margaux’s career was all but over. Her movie and real life sister Mariel goes on to a average movie career high lit by the flat chested Personal Best and the breast enhanced Star 80. My advice is to turn down the sound and fast forward a lot, blasting past Oscar winner Anne Bancroft’s entire lengthy cameo. But to our story, the sicko puts some sensors on Mariel’s chest, something happens (rape according to imbd) off camera and Chrissy is pissed, to say the least, when she finds out. I won’t give away the ending. Will she get revenge on the asshole or not? And what about his genitals? Four star nudity rating, tits, ass and brief pussy. The nudity rating is 4 stars – modeling tits – showering tits – raping tits – post rape ass and brief bush.

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