Descent 2007

Descent 2007

Directed by: Talia Lugacy

Actors: Rosario Dawson, Chad Faust and Marcus Patrick

Country: USA

Also known as: Extrema

Description: The student of one college, named Maya, becomes vengeful seductress after experiencing an abhorrent act of rape.

Review: The main heroine of the film – Maya, an ordinary student, who did not particularly like the party, operates and in addition also a good student. In short, she is a serious and inaccessible. At one point, she met at a party with a guy who called her for a date, under the pressure she had decided to go. It all turned out badly for the girl, the guy obviously wanted culmination of this meeting, and began to molest the girl, of course she was as a person worthy of mind, then decided to take her bastard force.

But everything changes when she decided to go through graduate school, back to college, she saw again the offender. And again in her heart was not easy, nasty memories again eclipsed her mind. She decided to take revenge at any cost to her assailant felt that once she felt …

The ending of this story also shows how inventive and original female revenge.

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