Bulletface 2010

Bulletface 2010

Directed by: Albert Pyun, Howie Askins

Actors: Victoria Maurette, Steven Bauer, Morgan Weisser, Jenny Dare Paulin

Country: USA

Description: Federal agent Deathly Marr has only 60 hours to find and neutralize a criminal cartel, who set to release on the drug market some new products – drugs, the main component of which is the human cerebrospinal fluid.

Review: So here we have a flick we picked up some time back and finally got around to watching earlier this month. Immediately I thought “this is perfect for this site”, as it’s just the right blend of good and bad film making. When one thinks of cheesy actioners from the past couple of decades one need look no further than Albert Pyun (Tales of an Ancient Empire) and many of his finer efforts can be found here already. This flick was actually filmed back in 2007 but didn’t get released until early last year. And what is this about you may ask?

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