Erotic Boundaries 1997

Erotic Boundaries 1997

Directed by: Mike Sedan

Actors: Kathy Shower, Timothy Dale Agee, Chris Johnston

Country: USA

Also known as: Spiele ohne Tabus, Passions intimes, Erotic boundaries – Gli scambisti del sesso


A married couple (who somewhat strangely live with the wife’s coquetteish and scantily-clad younger sister) are put at risk of being torn apart when the wife reconnects by chance with her seductive college lesbian lover just as her husband is required to work late nights at the office with his slutty secretary who throws herself at him every minute of the day (and night). When the wife finally sees the secretary coming on to her seemingly receptive husband, she’s driven to pursue her college muff buddy’s invitation to a kinky sex club where women are auctioned off for public sex to the highest bidder. The lesbian angle is pretty much taken off the table at this point, however, as the wife’s erstwhile sapphic sister was simply luring the wife to the club to be seduced by a poor man’s Mickey Rourke from Nine 1/2 Weeks, whose sadistic tendencies are expressed not through traditional whips and restraints but through exercising psychological control over women and coercing them into humiliating sexual situations without brute force.

Every woman in erotic movie has big tits and we get lots of loving looks at their bodies — even when talking on the phone they tend to do it in their underwear. The sex is strictly softcore, however, as this is the R-Rated cut. There is some humor (seemingly unintentional) from how relentlessly everyone is trying to bone each other in inappropriate office situations (the wife even attempts to seduce a gay coworker old enough to be her father) and the secretary’s somewhat grotesque fellating of a spring roll and plastic fork. Great for the whole family.

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