Dirtbags 2002

Dirtbags 2002

Directed by: Bill Zebub

Actors: Kitty Daly, Jesse Davidson and Debbie D

Country: USA

Description: Testing the boundaries of political-incorrectness, the story focuses on characters who never have attained anything through honorable means. They prefer to use lying, cheating, stealing, or brute force. Take, for instance, the pharmacy student who uses his skils to make date-rape drugs, and he sells these concoctions in order to pay tuition. While each “dirtbag” has his own plotline, all become obstacles to the main character – a dirtbag who is at the crossroads of change. Will he find redemption or destruction?

There, now if you can take things with a grain of salt, and you like extremely ruthless comedy, then Dirtbags is the movie for you! You get a group of college metalhead burn outs, each of them trying to acheive a specific goal in life (usually involving procuring sexual favors from women), and getting themselves involved in wacky situations from which there is usually no escape, just a further plunge into absolute degeneracy. I’m sure that there is some type of thesis in this for all you college kids out there…maybe that one can never achieve thier goals through dishonest means? Ah, I don’t think so. There probably is no point, but it doesn’t matter!

And you have to love the characters, who are all so colorful and odd that no fiction could ever fully create them. These are real images out of life…I have actually seen male gender studies professors and the Ogre-gym man types, so this is stranger than fiction.

As I have said, this film is politically incorrect. No, I take that back; it’s ANTI-political correctness. It’s great to see that someone has gone to the extreme and fully made fun of political correctness, exposing it for the absurdity to which it has been brought. If there is no other redeeming qualities of this movie in the eyes of the vast public, at least it’s the social criticism that makes South Park looks as tame as Sesame Street.

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