Animals 2008

Animals 2008

Directed by: Douglas Aarniokoski

Actors: Marc Blucas, Naveen Andrews, Nicki Aycox

Country: USA

Also known as:Animals – Das tödlichste Raubtier ist in Dir!


The film Animals has captivating cast , whose members simply shone in the famous series, but which after viewing this “masterpiece” wanted to ask : Why?

Much of the film was a boring and not at all impressive , want more, although in this case it would be desirable at least something – and eventually buildup and unrealistic in nature and the timing of the event. If given the award for the most obscure and irregular events in the story , this picture if you do not win , it just would have been in the list of nominees .

So that even the story you will not disclose – and there is nothing standing : man, woman and her werewolf boyfriend jealous werewolf , escape, new relationships and an unexpected twist in the plot rather put on a cul de sac , rather than caused intrigue. Certainly sounds very interesting , but in fact that is happening in the film interesting enough. The only exception is a very strange first sex scene and its very classy continued on hood of the car in the rain (this is the best episode of the picture ) .

The technical side . Moments where the effects of time dilation are used (not that these creatures got Matrix abilities, and the director decided that such footage will look cool that is, it is made for the audience ) just kill … This kind of eye monster was nowhere true feeling of contradictory : on the poor man and to original and even fun .

Fear not. Although the girl in the shop smeared on glass masterfully . Former vengeful werewolf boyfriend (played Sayid from ” Lost” ) has turned dark and scary , but somehow not so …

The creators probably wanted to get away from the subject and try to make werewolves , as they put it in the film: not a man, but a beast. And as a result – the same werewolf , only a full treatment in the form of a werewolf again at some blue haze ( something almost amorphous , blue and hazy ) with effect psevdonevidimosti . Original – a little bit, but something ridiculous …

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