Angel Eyes 1993

Angel Eyes 1993

Directed by: Gary Graver

Actors: Erik Estrada, John Phillip Law, Monique Gabrielle

Country: USA

Also known as: Instinto Mortal, Angelika matia, Ojos de ángel

Description: Steven (John Phillip Law – Barbarella) and Michele were making love. Passionately, long, with fiction and fantasy. They were making love the way it is done only for the last time. And pending the close of an orgasm, of course, they heard the sound arrived to the house of a taxi, and therefore unexpectedly appeared the doorbell, of course, they broke off all the buzz. “Dad, this is I – angel, your Angel…” said the girl, standing on the threshold. Stephen, of course, explained his beloved Michel, that he has no daughter angel, but to expel the girl in the dark of the night?.. – it was beyond his power. And drain Steven has also not enough to understand: angel, can be, and Angel, but only if the angel of Death… Intrigue with two parallel to developing storylines and erotic scenes, for which, actually, and was filmed this amazing film.

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