Unrivaled 2010

Unrivaled 2010

Directed by: Warren P. Sonoda

Actors: Hector Echavarria, Steven Yaffee, Nicholas Campbell

Country: USA|Canada

Also known as: Combate Final, King of the Cage

Description of Unrivaled movie:Ringo Duran ( Hector Ehavarriya ) veteran MMA fights , the best sports year is behind us. He is involved in low-grade tournaments where the winner gets $ 500 and the loser $ 100, and the rest of the works as a bartender at a strip club. Making bad bets on fights with his participation , he owed twenty thousand dollars lender Sergio ( Al Sapienza ) . In addition , at the gym , home of Ringo , his constantly lifts up and provokes the younger and more aggressive fighter Alonso ( Keith Jardine ) . Soon, however, Ringo has a chance to solve all their problems : to repay its debt to the creditor, to earn money and gain the respect of others. The organizers of the championship for mixed martial arts tournament organized in order to find strong fighters and the main prize of one hundred thousand dollars and a professional contract . But to do that in the final battle will have to defeat the world champion Christopher Holland ( Rashad Evans ) .

In the films of Hector Ehavarria devoted a lot of mixed martial arts template solutions moving from one film to another, and this film was not an exception . So: a simple and straightforward story – yes , entirely positive hero and a very cool fighter by Hector – yes , naked girls – yes , sex scenes featuring Hector – yes , bad Russian character – yes , real UFC fighters in supporting roles – yes. Of these terms is a writer, director , producer, director scenes fights, the leading actor Hector Ehavarriya created another talentless nezrelischny and uninteresting film. Previous failing movie “Never Back Down ” and ” Lethal Warrior ” little nowhere taught Hector. Of course, the positive thing you can call that an elderly Ehavarriya longer plays supervydayuschegosya fighter in the prime of life , the role of a veteran fighter , he clearly fits most . There is also a positive side to include the fact that it has reduced the number of meaningless sex scenes with his participation. A positive aspect observed in each of his film is the presence of real fighters UFC: Rashad Evans , Keith Jardine , Forrest Griffin, Nathan Marquard , Heath Herring , Riot Machida . Relatively well in the role of villain lender Al Sapienza , it really looks like a real villain .

Cons in the film “Unrivaled” is much more than the pros ( although less than in the previous films Ehavarrii ) . As usual a very weak script : predictable plot , the story itself frankly boring . In this case, stripped of all blankly . Of course, there is nudity in the film (this time in the form of sluggish strip ) , without any sense and the need for it . Another demonstration of hostility to the Russian Ehavarria a sneaky Russian soldier with the last name Popov by Forrest Griffin . Scenes of fighting do not impress , they really unfortunate . Hector Ehavarria should take into account the experience of the previous films and invite these experts to staging fights and not do it himself. Especially when the film contains real MMA fighters , the true skill that could have been spectacular show in the film.

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