The Strange Story of Olga O 1995

The Strange Story of Olga O 1995

Directed by: Antonio Bonifacio

Actors: Serena Grandi, Stéphane Ferrara, Daniela Poggi

Country: USA

Also known as: La strana storia di Olga ‘O’

Description of … Strange Story … movie: When Olga Roli (Grandi) returns to her birthplace following a nervous breakdown, things quickly get a lot worse for her. Anonymous, threatening phone calls addressing her as Olga O, her stage name from her time working in a local strip club, are soon followed by a near miss with a murderous motorcyclist.

Review: Olga O. (Serena Grandi) is undergoing psychiatric treatment since it is plagued by mysterious, violent nightmares. Then it gets even threatening calls and said to have been attacked in her apartment. Olga turns now finally through, or what is going on here?

The former dancer of the night clubs come to his hometown after three years of absence. At present it has a successful marriage, behind – tragedy of the suicide of his father. Olga starts getting threatening calls, following her wart on the bike. In short, someone is trying to mystify it in a natural way. A police officer investigating the case of the threat – her ex-lover, and their romance is twisted again.

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