The Brown Bunny 2003

The Brown Bunny 2003

Directed by: Vincent Gallo

Actors: Vincent Gallo, Chloë Sevigny and Cheryl Tiegs

Country: USA; Japan; France

Also known as: Бурый кролик; A barna nyúl; I apoleia tou erota

Description: Professional motorcycle racer Bud Clay travels from New Hampshire to California for the next race. Along the way he meets a woman who could brighten up his loneliness, but to really save and console Bud can only one girl from his past …

The film is excellent … entirely in the style of Gallo the director of brown bunny, but also an actor who played in Freeway 2) …The long road scenes were not too long and boring (as they described the critics), and calming and soothing. Very moving film, filled with feelings, emotions, hope and unsuccessful search for a replacement of lost love … Pleasantly surprised by the unexpected ending …)

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