One in the Gun 2010

One in the Gun 2010

Directed by: Rolfe Kanefsky

Actors: Steven Man, Katherine Randolph, Steven Bauer

Country: USA

Description: So some homeless artist dude gets embroiled in a plot with a slutty bitch involving housepainting, a priceless Van Gogh, various double and triple back and vagina stabbings (those would be sequential rather than simultaneous multiple vagina stabbings), terrible CGI blood effects, titties, organized crime and a surreal “would be Lynchian if it didn’t suck a big fat floppy donkey dick” journey into the desert to alternatively cover up or discover the remaining aspects of the criminal conspiracy. If that sounds good to you I’ve done a pretty bad job of explaining it. Except for the titties it’s pretty much a mess.

Review: Wife together with her lover dreams to get rid of her husband and decides to do it at one casual acquaintance. A woman does not know what is «familiar» appeared in her life is not an accident…

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