Carnal Desires 2002

Carnal Desires 2002

Directed by: Eric Gibson

Actors: Tamara Landry, Steven Ginsburg, Susan Featherly

Country: USA

Also known as: Carnal Desire (alternative title)

Description: A massage therapist wants to start his own business and so he goes to borrow money from a friend.

The only problem is that the friends does not know he is having an affair with his wife… among several other women that require the massage therapist services.

In total, there are six people running around having affairs, and if things don’t turn out for the worst it’s because they find a way to be happy together…

“Mick – the best massage therapist in town. Its services that extend well beyond their professional duties, enjoy the most famous and wealthy women. Mick ambitious dreams of opening her own wellness center. Due to familiarity with the millionaire Dean Wallace, who is willing to invest in the project, dreamboat Mika reach. But how far he is willing to go to achieve the desired?”

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