Timeless Obsession 1996

Timeless Obsession 1996

Directed by: Dale Trevillion

Actors: Venesa Talor, Jennifer Behr, Todd Eckert

Country: USA

Also known as: Eterna Obsessão, Sexy Sara


In the softcore movie Timeless Obsession, Alex, a romance novelist, dreams of finding the perfect woman. He has a pattern of being in a relationship for two months and then calling it off, apparently unwilling to commit for the long-term . To deal with his problem, Alex becomes the patient of a beautiful, female psychiatrist, Dr. Helen Gold, with whom he becomes romantically involved. After one session, he goes to an art museum, where he falls in love with a woman in an early 19th-century painting, Sara. Alex’ fantasies about Sara provide the basis for his latest book but threaten his romantic relationship with Helen, which has now reached the two-month point. Can reality prevail and allow Alex to find his perfect love?

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