Black Devil Doll 2007

Black Devil Doll 2007

Directed by: Jonathan Louis Lewis

Actors: Heather Murphy, Natasha Talonz and Christine Svendsen

Country: USA

Also known as:

Description: So, the plot, like anyone cares. A murderer is electrocuted and comes back to life, via an ouija board, as a doll. He then fucks a few women, kills a few, fucks some dead, ass-rapes a wigger, then kills him, then gets killed. Blah, Blah Blah, ass and titties.

Review: The film “Black Devil Doll”, directed by Jonathan Lewis, and has been published in 2007, I liked. You know what I was interested in and forced to watch this movie? I am interested in the genre of horror films or thrillers. Therefore, this picture also could not miss. Find it was quite difficult, as I understand, the film is quite rare. But you see that, I found it and looked. Generally, this is the first film directed by Jonathan Lewis, and he succeeded. I will not call it a masterpiece, but it was still fun to watch. In general, the first thing I want to say, the director did well added in the film not only murder, blood, dismemberment, etc., that are present here, but the share of humor. In some places, I even laughed heartily. You can call it black humor, because there are jokes in different situations and places. Black Devil Doll is also unusual. Prior to all this, she was just a doll for ventriloquism, but after some action it has changed a lot and literally came to life. That’s just become very cruel.

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