Losing Control 1998

Losing Control 1998

Directed by: Julie Jordan

Actors: Kira Reed Lorsch, Doug Jeffery, Anneliza Scott

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Hörig

Description of Losing Control film:All Kira Reed fans MUST see this. The movie’s idea has striving romance novelist Kira not able to generate any new plans. She’s also acquiring over a breakup. Although, she matches this person at a restaurant and he helps her out of her case (and clothing). They go in to a corner room and they do it. Fortunately, Kira gets a condom out (Now don’t ever tell me these Playboy films are worthless piles of soft-core fluff. Remember kids, safe sex). Later, she wonders to her publishist how awesome it was, but she didn’t get his name. Regardless this, the guy discovers her and they maintain their perverted games. But ultimately she tires of his sneakiness and wants to know more. When she does, all hell breaks loose, and I’ll leave it at that.

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